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Slovakia is full of magical places to be seen. The wider Valčianska Valley area is not an exception. For guests who desire to explore and discover the unknown, we recommend the following trips:

Zniev castle ruin

At the highest point of Zniev hill there are remnants of a medieval castle, from which today only the very damaged foundations of buildings and structures were left. The floor building, located below, dates from the 14th century. It has preserved corner stone blocks and in the north, towards the trench, there are remnants of the pitch nose. From the later buildings, only the torso of a small tower is standing, built out to the Gothic longitudinal building on its eastern side. Of the other objects only tiny remnants of stonework overgrown by vegetation are visible. The upper castle is readable in the terrain configuration.

Distance from the hotel: 22 min (6,7 km)

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Martin Benka Museum in Martin

Martin Benka was a Slovak painter, graphic artist and pedagogue. He dealt mainly with scenic arts, later became the founder of modern expression in the plastic arts. The museum was housed in an authentic villa that the artist inhabited. You will find in it, besides the exhibited works in the picture gallery of the building, an authentically furnished bedroom, living room or dining room. Part of the exhibition is also the master’s rich collection of objects of folk crafts, which he collected for many years.

Distance from the hotel: 15.5 km by car (23 min)

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Museum of the Slovak Village

The Museum of the Slovak Village is the largest ethnographic exhibition in the countryside in Slovakia, which gives a picture of the traditional folk architecture, housing and way of life of the inhabitants of northwestern Slovakia during the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. In the exhibition area of the museum there are 143 objects of residential, economic, technical, social and sacral character on an area of 15.5 hectares. Some of the objects are indoors furnished and accessible to visitors. These are farming settlements with residential and economic buildings, solitaires of technical, social and sacral buildings. Guided exposition tour (interpretation and touring takes about 1.5 hours), or individually (with printed guide text).

Distance from the hotel: 15.6 km by car (30 min)

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Castle Blatnica

The ruin of the castle is located on the low limestone ridge of Plešovice (658 m above sea level), separating the Gaderská Valley from the Turčianska Basin, about 2 km from the village of Blatnica. Stonework of the western tower is preserved, which is towering even today to a great height and therein slotted loopholes can be seen. The upper castle, bent between the two towers, is unfortunately very disintegrating – especially its connecting palace section. On the farm buildings in the lower castle the corner ashlar is completely preserved. The stonework slowly disintegrates into the valley, mainly above the steep slope. You can ascend both surfaces of the bastions and there is a wonderful view. However, the castle is accessible, like any ruin, only at your own risk and therefore be careful.

Distance from the hotel: 18 km by car (40 min)

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Geyser in Rajecká Lesná

In Rajecko-Lesnianska Valley, about 4 km above the village of Rajecká Lesná, visitors can admire a geyser that spills up to a height of about 6 meters. It is the most interesting in winter when the frozen water creates different shapes from sculptures, icicle to ice column. In the summer months, it enchants with rainbow and during the hot summer days it can be an interesting source of refreshment. A comfortable asphalt road leads to the geyser.

Distance from the hotel: 50 km by car (60 min)

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