Corporate events

Events that you will definitely not forget.

The modern trend in organizing corporate events, meetings, negotiations and teambuilding is to combine work duties with active relaxation, as well as perfect wellness & spa relax. At Hotel Impozant **** you will find everything that a perfect corporate event requires – pleasant business and negotiation premises with complete equipment, internet, top traditional and modern gastronomy, a relaxation spa center as well as the possibility of various leisure activities in the hotel and its surroundings.

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Christmas and other parties

Do you decide where to organize a Christmas party for your employees or top clients?

We offer you an unforgettable party!


Slovak evening

(the package includes: accommodation with breakfast, harmonica player with “ozembuch“ – Slovak folk instrument 4 hours)

Oldies party

(the package includes: accommodation with breakfast, DJ)

Karaoke show

(the package includes: accommodation with breakfast, karaoke)

Hawaii party

(the package includes: accommodation with breakfast, DJ + Hawaiian wreath on the neck)

Possibility to order:

  • DJ Paul.
  • Animations: 1x moderator and 1x animator.
  • Gypsy band Končekovci.
  • Folk band Hanuliakovci.
  • Photographer, cameraman, photo corner.
  • Barman show.
  • Tasting of rums.
  • Wine-tasting.

Or if you have special requirements – We will arrange!!!

We look forward to cooperation

More information and reservations:,+421 914 326 480


Survival course

As the only hotel in Turiec, we offer the organization of a survival course for your company with a special discount! Entertainment is coupled with the acquisition of irreplaceable experience and the goal is the only one. SURVIVE!




Paintball is a recreation of body and spirit. Its purpose is to achieve victory. It reduces stress and aggression of everyday life. It develops team co-operation, concentration, strategy and tactics, fitness, dexterity and sharpness of perception.

In this sport, we begin to realize what reality is about. Paintball is a sport for a team, because here physical strength does not decide, but speed, sharpness of perception, accuracy and collective interplay and especially great fun. All this is paintball. But especially it’s great fun!

How and where to play?

One game takes from 1 to 10 minutes according to the number of players and agreed rules. The whole action is not limited in time, but it usually takes 3-4 hours or even the whole day if it’s a bigger tournament.

Scenario MILITARY paintball – played in the woods or in the building according to pre-prepared scenarios. Themes of scenarios are created by movies, video games, etc. …

Before the start of the game, players are instructed to manipulate the paintball gun, followed by security rules and prepared scenarios that can be changed according to the players’ agreement. They are then divided into individual groups, each player receiving the equipment (weapon, mask, protective clothing, balls, equipment …). The groups are distinguished by colour strips or different garments. One game takes about 1 – 8 hours according to the number of players and game type. The entire action is not limited in time, usually with arbitrary number of games being played. The whole course is supervised by instructors.



Bungee running

Do you want to test your speed and strength? Do you have the desire to compete in dynamic discipline?

Bungee Running is just the thing you are looking for!

We have up to five “running” lanes suitable for team competitions. The contestant dresses a harness to which special elastic ropes are attached, which are added or removed according to the age of the competitor. Therefore, this activity is suitable for children as well as for adults. The task of the contestant is to go as long as possible. The participant is protected against reverse pull of the rope.

Activity: sports

Required space: 20 x 4m

Surface: grass, sand

Capacity: minimum 10, maximum 250 people



Historical fencing

Waiting for you:

  • Contemporary life and crafts.
  • Demonstration of the life of mercenaries at military operation
  • Shooters, mechanical weapons – bows, crossbows, axes, spears, slings – a dynamic demonstration of these weapons with the possibility of shooting for the client.
  • Firearms – a demonstration of shooting from hand and mounted weapons (whistles, arquebuses, bazookas and howitzers)
  • Crafts – contemporary kitchen, lavatory, contemporary games, blacksmith workshop
  • Archers: shooting from bows and crossbows
  • Contemporary war military camp – the demonstration includes all the elements: kitchen, fencing, lavatory, armory, dynamic demonstrations