Interactive game wall

Have loads of fun

Play fun games even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Multiball is a great indoor physical activity that entertains grown-ups and kids in every season. Whether it’s morning or evening, choose one of the 30 games on the games console according to age group and difficulty level and score points in a variety of disciplines.

You can compete individually or in groups against each other on two game walls side by side. You will have a lot of fun with Multiball.


Education, music or entertainment, there is something for everyone. The games are designed to be an active challenge aimed at coordinating movement, mental and physical activity.

Price List


1 hour 15€

*The service is free of charge for guests

Please check with reception for availability. Call us at 043/324 10 14 and +421 914 130 130 or contact us by e-mail

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