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Gentler or sufficiently effective massage techniques act as a balm for your tired and strained muscles. Give them the necessary regeneration with a massage of your choice. Bet on a whole-body classic or sports massage or just your problematic parts and step out of the massage salon of Hotel IMPOZANT**** as if reborn. Special types of massages will return your lost energy and start all the necessary processes in your body so that you can function at 100% again. Still hesitating? We already have a free date ready for you.

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Classic Massage

30 min. – 24 € 60 min. – 40 €

Eliminate excess stress and relieve the body of tension thanks to one of the most popular massage techniques. A classic massage will calm you down, boost your immunity and central nervous system. You can indulge in a shortened 30-minute version or a full 60-minute version to give your muscles the perfect recovery.

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Sports Massage

30 min. – 24€ 60 min. – 40€

If you need accelerated recovery after a strenuous exercise, indulge in an invigorating restart. A sports massage with tactile massage with emphasis on pressure, strength and speed will restore the proper functioning of your muscles so that you feel in your skin again. Choose a shorter or longer, full-hour version.

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Soft Techniques

60 min. - 39 €

This type of massage is the ideal choice if you have had an uncomfortably painful massage, or if you have an injury from which you need to recover. By massaging the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, the deepest layer of the skin), the painful areas are gradually released and the desired relaxation comes.

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60 min. – 40 €

Flush all the harmful substances out of your body thanks to the proven method of cupping. The result is not only cleansed tissues, but also improved lymphatic circulation and blood circulation. The unobtrusive but effective cups will help you with pain management, digestive or respiratory problems.

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Myofascial Massage

60 min. – 39 €

The most suitable choice for those who suffer from stiff or shortened muscles, accompanied by unpleasant tension and intense pain. Although this type of massage definitely doesn’t involve gentle stroking, it can effectively restore lost muscle balance and increase the range of motion.

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Lymphatic Massage

60 min. – 42 €

Boost your immunity and give your body a detox from the accumulated pollutants in your body's lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage uses gentle and precise palpation to target areas that can disperse the lymph in the body to relieve migraines, varicose veins, swelling or problematic immunity.

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Lymphatic Facial Massage

30 min. – 24 €

It’s in the head, neck and chest area that we find a number of lymph nodes that can significantly affect not only the skin, but also lead to unpleasant swelling or headaches. A lymphatic facial massage with gentle movements disperses the lymph and the result is a skin detox associated with its brightened and fresher, firmer appearance.

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Breuss Massage

60 min. – 39 €

Focused on your spine, and the pain associated with it, it can work wonders. The reduction of muscle tension and release of painful tendons or discs are sought by people with inflammation or sudden joint pain. If the beneficial effect of St. John's wort is added to this, your vertebrae and discs will get a new lease on life.

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Reflexology Massage

30 min. – 22 € 60 min. – 36 €

Reflexology massage aims to help with problems not just involving the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to the nerve endings, the masseur can locate problems with all the organs of your body and influence reflexively them. The result is not only a feeling of relief, but also an improvement of health problems.

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50 min. - 40€ 70 min. – 60 €

Maderotherapy is a unique way to fight cellulite and the disproportions of the human body. The original wooden rollers of different shapes non-invasively treat subcutaneous fat by increasing blood circulation in the incriminated areas and also kickstarting the lymphatic system.

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